For those who don't know me my name is Sean: Chai lover and contributor to Mik's Chai. One other cheeky character I'd like to introduce is my dad, who has subsequently won over when it comes to the wonderful delight that is Chai. Here is the both of us clearly not having our chai fix!

Before Miks Chai

(Dad and me before our Miks Chai fix)

Fundamental to our relationship over the past year or so has been our daily walks. We're lucky enough to have some great parks nearby to where we live, so it's only a matter of one of us rustling each other up and going for a quick stroll. Central to this has been chai. One of the wonderful benefits of the drink is that it is good rain or shine, morning or afternoon, and guilt free whether you're on your 3rd or 30th chai for the day. This gives us the peace of mind that there will always be a great cup of Miks Chai to accompany us whenever we decide to go out.

So hears to chai for strengthening and deepening the relationship with my dad and ensuring that important stories aren't lost. How about yourself? Do you have any stories about chai bringing yourself closer together with someone? If so please don't hesitate to let us know in the comments!

And here's a pic of Dad and I after some Miks Chai sharing stories!

After Miks Chai sharing stories

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