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The most important ingredient in our chai is real life conversation.

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Miks Chai is a tea social enterprise that enriches lives through storytelling.

My name is Mikhara Ramsing, aka Miks, and listening to the experiences of others saved my life. I started brewing my Aaji’s chai to bring people together and share stories. Offering a warm cup of chai allowed a safe place for others to open up. Now I want to share my chai with you.

Encourages well being through sharing human experiences.
50% of our profits go to organisations focussed on suicide prevention.
Deeply nutritious, richly flavoursome and authentic.
All organic ingredients from ethical sources.

Take some home.

We’ve packaged up our very first batch of Miks Chai just in time for the festive season. It’s a limited edition series, only 100 of each available, and hand crafted with care.



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(Because we know you want to try both.)

Our chai is more than just a delicious cuppa.

Miks Chai is full of so much wholesome goodness. Our recipe has been passed down through generations and has always been made with love, and brewed to share. We’ve sourced ethically produced, organic spices for a perfectly balanced taste profile, and ensured that all ingredients are of the finest quality for maximum health benefits. What’s more, all of our packaging is 100% compostable.

Our chai makes you feel good.


Shared some @miks_chai with my bestie this week. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a chai or conversation that was so good!


Elise Stephenson


Thank you @miks_chai for a flavour that holds true, and an ideal that needs support. It’s something that I can geniunely get behind.


Chris Johns


@miks_chai gave me the courage to share my story. I hope it helps someone out there…and the chai is sooooooooo yummy!!!


Anika Craney

Your story will help others.

Brew a chai and write your story in 100-300 words.

Take a photo or 5 second video of yourself in the moment.

Send it to us at [email protected] or on Insta/FB