Much tea has been spilled over Covid 19 and what it means for the future of offices. But has enough been said on the importance of connection in the workplace during this time? Here’s our thoughts on it.

We believe that in order to maximise the health and well-being of employees within an organisation, a careful balance between the new and the old needs to be struck. Essentially employees should be free to pursue their needs without crucial social activities being compromised by the digital divide (including grabbing a warm cuppa chai with a workmate).

We know that contact with people on a regular basis improves our mental health and creates a support network for when things go awry. Lack of social support is serious enough to be considered a major risk factor in our health. Indeed some studies have suggested that people need a good 6 hours of daily social interaction to create a high sense of wellbeing. 

As such nearly half of those working from home see a lack of personal interaction as one of their biggest challenges - with 20% worrying about their mental wellbeing.

A strong supportive company culture needs these opportunities of genuine connection if it wishes to tackle the issue of mental health within the workplace.

We also believe that to maintain productivity, collaboration, learning, and to preserve corporate culture, the all powerful face-to-face must be included in whatever post-covid arrangement arises.

Imagine if all of those moments of mentorship, comradery, and insights gained over a cuppa (Obviously, we love a cuppa of Miks chai!) were lost for the next generation of employees. As a young person I'd hate to miss out on these experiences.
(Image: more than a product, chai is an investment in connection)

(Image: more than a product, chai is an investment in connection)

It is those moments, these instances of human connection, that our social enterprise at Miks Chai lives and works for. We believe that not only can it create a strong and productive company culture, but it can also save lives. So if you want to put this vision into practice, there is no better place to start than us being able to provide a cuppa in your workplace. Our door is always open, and a pot of chai brewing for anyone that wants a brew!

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