The Debrief The Debrief
The Debrief The Debrief

The Debrief


Every one knows what a good ol' fashioned debrief can do to the soul. It can relieve you of your burdens, it can save you from your follies, and it can inspire you to do that thing you have always wanted to do. This meaningful cuppa is more than your average Joe. Our pure Daintree black tea is designed to be shared, because our most important ingredient are real life conversations about what matters most.

30g - 30 cups of conversation.

Made in Australia / Organic, Vegan, Sugar Free, Gluten Free / Ethically Produced / No Preservatives / No Artificial Colours & Flavours / 100% Nutritious & Delicious

Ingredients: Pure unadulterated Australian-grown Daintree tea.



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