With Halloween come and gone (spooky chai's anyone?), we are already facing the impending holiday season. Christmas gifts are a go people, this is not a drill!

If you've come this far on the journey with us, you know that our choices matter when it comes to what impact we have; Christmas gifts being no exception.

Last Christmas an estimated $400 million worth of unwanted gifts were handed out in Australia alone, most of which likely ended up in landfill.

So what can we do?  How can we ensure that our purchases minimise harm and maximise impact this Christmas?

One thing we can do is shop local. This can be for local goods or local experiences. Not to brag, but one of the achievements we're proud of is that Mik's Chai is made from local ingredients here in Australia. Our signature black tea, “The Debrief” coming straight from Far North Queensland’s Daintree Rainforest (sustainably sourced of course).

Another is to buy environmentally sustainable and ethical gifts, with organic, nutritious ingredients, our chai is sure to delight in every way. And the best part - its made to share, with each cuppa of Miks Chai funding human connection via Headspace here in Australia.

Buying a Christmas gift with a social and environmental conscience is a good bet too. According to a survey commissioned by ING, one in four Australians would prefer to receive "socially conscious or eco-friendly" Christmas presents this year. So with us, not only will your gift be ethical, it will be wanted.

So this Christmas consider buying a present that is ethical, environmentally friendly, and something the recipient will truly enjoy. And what could be more enjoyable than a invitation from a loved one to enjoy a cuppa Mik's Chai?
Great Christmas Hamper

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